Eugene Kafelnikov is the winner of the Roland-Garos tournament, as well as the gold medalist of the Sydney Olympics. He, the best tennis player in Russia, and rightfully bears the title of master of sports.
Kafelnikov left tennis in 2003, while he did not make an official statement about his resignation. He just left because decided that to compete with leading tennis players it is simply difficult.

At the moment, his hobbies are poker and golf, in which he achieves special heights, just like in tennis.
According to Eugene, tennis is now undergoing a crisis, but he believes that this is not for long. This crisis came about because it is very difficult to raise a real tennis player, both in moral and material sense. He believes that now, this is not the time when many young men wanted to achieve something, and were more purposeful than now.
In principle, having left tennis, one could remain at least as a coach, but Evgeny also has his excuses for that. He says that the coach’s work is not so easy, because it is necessary to make a winner out of an athlete, to endow him with special endurance, and to thirst for victory. While he is not ready for such a stage in his life, he will always have time to become a coach. In his 38 years, you can achieve not yet small heights in other sports.
As for poker, Kafelnikov was carried away with him about five years ago, and also had some victories. Now, he believes that poker is just a waste of time, no more.
Regarding golf, one thing can be said. Kafelnikov achieved good heights in it, and earned the title of Russian champion in golf. But this was only once, and now everyone is looking forward to new victories from him. But for Eugene himself, a victory in golf meant only the satisfaction of his own ambitions, i.e. he proved to himself that he knows how to play golf. At the moment, he just enjoys the game, but is considering participating in the Olympics, which will take place in 5 years.
Well, we can wish Eugene only victories, and success in all tournaments in which he wants to take part.