Yevgeny Kafelnikov was born in the wonderful city of Sochi on February 18, 1974. He began to get involved in sports from a very young age, and all this thanks to his father, who was a volleyball player. Before choosing tennis, Kafelnikov tried himself in various sports. With six years, Eugene began to play tennis.
Tennis became something more for him, so he devoted a lot of time to this sport. How much labor and perseverance was invested in his further victories.

Each of his games was fully dedicated, he simply poured out his whole soul.
Thanks to his efforts, little Zhenya was already at the age of 7 in the reserve of the Olympic group. Sports leaders of the USSR noticed an unprecedented potential in the boy, and already then knew that he would achieve much. All the hopes placed on him, he justified.
In the 90s, Kafelnikov, being in the USSR national team, twice became the owner of the World Cup, and in addition he won victories in doubles. In the doubles match, Kafelnikov’s partner was Andrei Medvedev.
When the Soviet Union collapsed, Kafelnikov’s career did not die out, on the contrary, it went up, rapidly gaining momentum. Since 1991, Eugene began to speak more successfully than before. And in 1992 he became the champion of the tennis tournament in Adelaide. And only two years later he approached the top ten tennis players in the world, and took eleventh position on the ATP list.
Kafelnikov became the first Russian to participate in the Roland Garros tournament. He did not need much difficulty to win this tournament, and in two categories at once. After some time, he won in other tournaments, received many cups, etc. In general, his career rapidly went uphill.
But unexpectedly for everyone, in 2003, Eugene left a big sport, and there was not even any talk about his return. According to some sources, it is known that Eugene simply can no longer compete with current tennis players.
But, despite such information, we hope that he will return, and more than once will win his well-deserved victory, and not only in this sport.