Golf is quite an interesting activity. Therefore, there are many examples in history when a person ending his sports career, began to get involved in golf. In history, there are quite a few cases when a person, having abandoned some kind of sport, achieved unthinkable results in another direction. The speech in our article will be about Honored Master of Sports of Russia Evgeny Kafelnikov.
In 2003, Evgeni Kafelnikov left tennis, and simply left, and without official announcements of his departure, he simply evaporated. But, having finished his career in tennis, he immediately found himself another occupation that he liked, golf.

Quite unexpectedly for all, Kafelnikov became the champion of Russia in golf. On this, Eugene is not going to stop, and everything also continues to train in order to reach new heights.
Kafelnikov himself says that he has been practicing golf for a long time, and that this sport for him, like tennis, is of great importance. Since 1994, he began to play golf, while at the same time he was engaged in tennis. Eugene says that these two sports can be perfectly combined with each other, and switching from one sport to another does not cause any difficulties.
Kafelnikov often takes part in golf tournaments in foreign countries, as He believes that our fields are not bad, but they are still very far from foreign standards.
As you know, Eugene wanted to take part in the construction of a golf course. At the moment, he receives many offers to participate in various golf projects, and in every way he tries to at least somehow participate in each. Kafelnikov believes that golf will bring many victories for Russia, and that it is a sport of the future. The only thing that, according to Eugene, is the most insurmountable problem, is the climate, i.e. there is simply no way to play on the field all year round.
Eugene, although he loves golf very much, but does not stop watching progress in tennis. In his opinion, tennis, like golf, deserves special attention, because these are sports of the future. But he does not hide that tennis is now in a kind of crisis.
At the moment, Eugene is the star of domestic golf. He believes that golf is an elite sport, and he is mainly fond of major figures and politicians.