Evgeny Kafelnikov, despite the fact that he was already a big sports star and had a number of world trophies behind his back, he was never particularly interested in women. The reason for this was not his retreat, on the contrary, he was an absolutely normal young man, with many friends. He simply did not have enough time for anything, because tennis took first place in his life.
He met his future wife in a very banal way, at a regular disco where he came to rest with the company.

Evil tongues say that they simply slipped Maria into having fun, but these are just conversations of envious people. Masha by that time already had a child from Christian Ray, a former musician who at that time had gone into a religious sect. After meeting with Eugene, she began to accompany him around the world, cheering for him in all tennis tournaments. But it soon became clear that she was pregnant, and the young people got married.
There are a lot of bad rumors about Masha, and it’s not possible to restore which of them is true and which is not. Rumor has it that she came to Russia from a small town in Belarus, with only one goal - to find a wealthy sponsor. The career of the fashion model, which she was engaged in, had practically no success. Throughout her history, Mary managed to participate in 4-5 shows. They say that she simply could not miss such an enviable groom, and clung to him like a predator. Having given birth to a child, and having entered into an official marriage, she only strengthened her position.
But what should a girl with two children do in a huge house when her husband is constantly on the move. She never learned to cook, her manners were also not inherent in her. And while Yevgeny Kafelnikov promoted Russian tennis on all platforms of the world, he hit religion. But not only that, in the same sect in which her former partner was a member. A similar occupation began to pull significant amounts out of her husband’s wallet. Naturally, he did not like it, and conflicts began to arise on this basis. This can be considered the beginning of the end. And in 2001, this young, beautiful couple officially terminated their marriage obligations, while the daughter of Eugene, Olesya, remained with her father.