While tennis pleased and pampered his champion in every way, Evgeni Kafelnikov had big problems in his personal life. Constant quarrels with his wife, Maria, unsettled him. Even a career could suffer because of this, because once he had already missed the Australian championship due to an injury that he inflicted on himself in a state of passion. This could not last long and the marriage was terminated with the help of the court. There, Eugene requested to leave his daughter Olesya for education.
Most of these cases are considered in favor of the mother, especially since the trial took place in Russia.

But not at this time. Daughter Olesya remained with her father, until 2005, by court order. Moreover, the mother could visit the child only with the consent of the father.
Despite the fact that Yevgeny Kafelnikov lived for the sake of sports, and tennis took all his free time, the court decided in favor of it. Rumor has it that he simply bribed his ex-wife, paying her two million dollars. But the fact remains, the girl was brought up with the parents of Eugene, in Sochi. Eugene was simply inspired by her presence in his life. Now tennis has taken an honorable second place in priorities, Olesya has come to the first. It was unlikely that anyone else would receive as much love and warmth as it fell over her. The caring father did not have time for personal hobbies and hobbies. He stopped playing golf, going fishing. All his free time went to his daughter.
It is noteworthy that the appearance of Olesya in the life of an athlete very well influenced him. He stopped hiding from journalists, became somewhat softer. He began to engage in charity work, helping to develop youth sports and medicine in his hometown. His reputation in the eyes of the press grew before his eyes. Sympathy from society he needed, like air, and he received them. All this helped him quickly forget all the problems that were associated with divorce, and devote himself entirely to tennis and his daughter.
As they say - everything that does not happen is all for the better, and this is exactly the same case. It would seem that divorce should have negatively affected a person, but it turned out the opposite.