Evgeny Kafelnikov is a titled and, of course, the best tennis player in Russia. To do this, we can only recall his victory: the Australian Open, the gold medalist of the Sydney Olympiad, twice the winner of the Grand Slam tournament, etc.
One can talk endlessly about the achievements of this person. Perhaps he could have achieved not small heights in tennis, if he had not left it. Although it’s too early to talk about his official departure, because this information, in fact, has not yet been.

So it’s worth hoping that Eugene will please us more than once with his victories in tennis.
As for his current activities, this is a passion for golf and poker. As for the latter, Eugene practically ceased to get involved in him, although he had his own successes in this lesson, he could easily beat Dave Kolkof, who is considered just an ace in this matter.
In golf, Kafelnikov achieved great success, he became the champion of Russia, thereby proving first of all to himself that he knows how to play.
Eugene simply did not expect that he could become the champion of Russia in golf, of course he did not doubt his strength for a minute, but the competition was very fierce. Therefore, having received such a title, he was simply stunned. Until the very end of the game, he did not think he could win.
Golf for Eugene is not his job, it’s like a hobby in which he just managed to get a lot of victories. He devotes almost all his free time to this sport, and does not regret a bit that he is passionate about him. Of course, like every person, he still has something to strive for. Therefore, he is trying in every possible way to improve. At least Kafelnikov is not going to give up his favorite pastime yet, he just does his favorite thing and expects what will come of it.
In the future, Eugene may take part in the Olympics, which will be held in Brazil in 2016, and will bring another victory.
We can wish Eugene only victory. And we really hope that in golf he will reach not yet small heights, and in 2016 he will be able to please us with his victory at the Olympics.