Tennis is one of the oldest sports; its history dates back to the distant 19th century. The predecessor of tennis was one game "real tennis", its uniqueness was that the game itself took place exclusively on the premises.
As for directly our modern tennis. This game is designed for 2 people or 2 teams. Accordingly, a game for 2 people is called a "single" game, and for 2 teams a "pair". The official name for tennis is "Lawn Tennis."

Nowadays, tennis belongs to the Olympic game.
Both women and men have the right to play tennis. Therefore, tournaments that take place exclusively on this game are only female or male. In addition, there are mixed tournaments when a man and a woman play in the same team.
The largest tournaments are held as part of the ATP tour for men, and accordingly for women as part of the WTA tour. In addition, there are national tournaments and exhibition ones.
One of the champions of the ATP tour among men is Yevgeny Kafelnikov. He bears the title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia. This is one of the tennis players who won the Grand Slam singles tournament.
His achievements include 26 victories in ATP tours, as well as 27 victories in doubles.
When Kafelnikov decided to prove himself in tennis, no one was surprised. After all, dad, a famous volleyball player, and even began to accustom his son to sports very early. The Kafelnikov family lived in Sochi, so there was especially nowhere to compete with other tennis players, only if the party bosses came to the city with some kind of tournaments to rest. Yes, and choose from Eugene, in fact, there was nothing. And it was thanks to such intermediate matches that Kafelnikov managed to get used to playing on the courts with any surface, which in itself was not a bad school. This was the beginning of his future career, and celebrity.
At the moment, Kafelnikov is no longer engaged in professional sports, he left the big game.
After his departure, the master of sports tried his hand at poker, and in 2008 decided to join the veterans tennis tour.