Eugene Kafelnikov forever went down in history as a great athlete who repeatedly glorified his country on the largest courts in the world. In addition, the press widely covered his divorce proceedings. Throughout its history, this unique person, thanks to his extraordinary nature and manner of behavior, has earned a negative reputation among journalists. But besides the fact that he made respect for Russian tennis in the world - he was considered a man of a wide soul, always coming to the aid of his comrades and not forgetting his hometown.
After the divorce, the attitude of society towards him radically changed. They learned about him as a lonely father who adores his daughter, as a man who loves his homeland.

He began to make truly amazing and generous deeds, thanks to which he earned a reputation as a philanthropist.
Once, being late for the Davis Cup due to the delayed games in Tashkent, he took off a whole plane for the whole team, paying all the expenses. Everything was done with one single goal - so that the team managed to get to the start and play as expected. He also organized a team of young tennis players in Adler, fully sponsoring it. Sent there about 500 tennis rackets from abroad. Thanks to Eugene, young men aged 15-16 years old got the opportunity to develop their talents and devote time to training. Thus, he took care of future tennis in the country. Eugene did not forget about his hometown of Sochi. His truly royal gift made the doctors just cry. After all, they could only dream of such modern and expensive equipment.
Another event that firmly strengthened his fame as a person indifferent to the events taking place around happened at the Kremlin Cup. Once again, having won a prize fund of 120 thousand dollars, Evgeni Kafelnikov sent him completely to the support fund for families whose relatives died in a plane crash over the Black Sea.
A lot of good deeds were done by the champion before he left the big sport. And the glory about them is kept next to his many trophies, which brought fame to our country.