In 2000, the first interview appeared on the pages of the press, in which Eugene did not try to insult or punish in any way. It was simple and affordable to set out some extremely interesting facts about which the tennis player himself spoke. It is noteworthy that at the time of the conversation with the journalist Yevgeny Kafelnikov was unwell, perhaps this pulled him outright.
The first major revelation was new information about the event, which once caused a major resonance among the public. In 1998, just before the start of the Australian Championship, Eugene broke his finger. The whole press was buzzing about an accident while boxing a punching bag.

But, as it turned out, there was nothing of the kind. During a quarrel with his wife, Maria Kafelnikova, a tennis player struck the wall with all his might with his fist to give a blow to his emotions. Thus, he left tennis for a while. Here is a simple explanation of the complicated story, because all the journalists were trying to understand what pulled the athlete into boxing right before the start of the games. Evgeny Kafelnikov gave his explanation of the situation, saying that love requires sacrifice, and as we see it, he went on them.
The second was refuted the rumor that the first racket of the world, due to the fact that he succumbed to emotions, fled from sports camps, and went to his parents in Sochi. The tennis player was surprised for a long time, and explained that it was simply unacceptable to leave the camp.
Actually - in this interview a lot of new things were revealed to readers. They were able to learn that Eugene loves a variety of music, white, believes in tradition, and loves his homeland.
At the very end, he was preoccupied with the standard provocative question when he was going to leave tennis and go down in history. Eugene replied that he was well aware of this need, because the career of a tennis player is firmly connected with his biological age. But he has a few more activities in life that he can devote more attention to. First of all, this is his beloved daughter. Also, everyone has long known his passion for golf. So in the future he will not have to relax and rest, because there is so much new ahead.