Former Olympic champion and the first racket of the world - Evgeny Kafelnikov at one time simply disappeared from large courts. Former fans have long wondered where, and what is he doing now? But recently there was news that the best tennis player in Russia was seriously interested in poker, and was not going to return to tennis. What was the surprise of journalists and the public when he became the country's champion in golf!
He has been involved in golf since 1994. It is noteworthy that tennis, which at that time was the main activity for him, contributed to a new hobby. After all, tournaments are held all over the globe, and a tennis player in his spare time did not stop playing a new game for himself in various fields of world level.

The condition of this sport in Russia - so far leaves much to be desired. The level of playing fields does not reach Europe, the number and class of players is the same. But golf is actively developing, and there are hopes for a brilliant future. New clubs are being built, new lovers of this interesting game appear. One obstacle is the weather. In winter, unfortunately, it is impossible to spend an exciting time with a club in a normal field. But we have regions in the south where there is no such amount of precipitation, the only pity is that they are greatly removed.
To date, the most favorite field for the person who turned domestic tennis is Tseleevo, located in the suburbs. The former star of the courts even plans to move closer to him in the near future, because frequent trips cause some inconvenience.
Golf has been considered a sport for the elite throughout its existence. Successful businessmen, politicians and show business stars all over the world give their preference to him. Evgeny Kafelnikov is now actively engaged in its promotion. Participates in several projects that can popularize a novelty in Russia. In his opinion, this sport has great prospects in our country. It remains only to wait a bit, because everything that Eugene takes up is very good and of high quality.