A few years ago, the name of Yevgeny Kafelnikov sounded on all the largest courts in the world. The winner of the Sydney Olympics, the double champion of the Grand Slam tournament - he officially never left the sport. While other professionals are making a fuss, making loud statements and saying goodbye to the fans, he simply took it and disappeared. Moreover, he did not want to communicate with reporters and deliberately avoided them.
Where is he now? Are you planning to return to tennis?

What is he doing now? A very interesting situation has developed, because Evgeny Kafelnikov is currently interested in poker and poker tournaments. It is noteworthy that he takes lessons from professionals. Here is such a change. Although, if we draw an analogy - both there and there is a sea of ​​excitement, only if in tennis a person gives all the best physically, then in card games - morally and intellectually.
Even during the time of playing tennis, Eugene was noticed in a casino, but he only played roulette there according to a very simple scheme - he always bet only on black. Now his interests have changed, and he only plays poker, we must pay tribute - his level is already high, and he wins more. In this seemingly simple card game, one must possess the courage to make important decisions and observation, to study the behavior of the opponent, and the experience that is necessary when promoting and imposing your strategy. Everything, as in other sports. Perhaps, thanks to his skills and educated willpower, the former tennis player manages to conquer new areas for himself.
When asked if he would return to tennis, Eugene answered in the negative. In his opinion, his place has long been occupied by younger athletes who have great expectations, and he simply does not see the point in returning. It is too late to make a farewell statement, so everything will remain as it is.
Thus, tennis lost a world-class player, but a young, developing, and very popular sport - he acquired a new serious amateur who would eventually become a professional.