The French Open, aka Rolland Garos, is one of the Grand Slam Tournaments. This championship is held in Paris from late May to early June, every year for two weeks. The tournament was first held in 1891 as the championship of France, and since 1925 this event has an international character. The first winner was an English tennis player and member of the Stade Francais club H. Briggs in 1891, and the first winner was Francoise Masson in 1897. Frenchwoman Suzanne Langlen won Rollan Garos six times in a row from 1920 to 1926.

Rolland Garos is a dirt tournament (the only one among the Grand Slam tournaments), which is considered the final tennis season on the ground. Due to its coverage and five-set game, this competition has earned the fame of the most physically difficult tournament. Unlike other Grand Slam tournaments, Rolland Garos has the smallest and oldest stadium.
The stadium itself bears the name of the French pilot who first crossed the Mediterranean Sea and died in the First World War. There are two main courts in the stadium: the first is the court of Philip Chantrier (this was the first president of the FTF), and the second is the court of Suzanne Langlen. There are also fourteen extra courts where paired, youth and disabled games are played. On the main courts, they play mainly the final part of the tournament, as well as single-player competitions.
Rolland Garos is famous for its large attendance, as well as its tennis history museum, which operates daily, regardless of competition. It is advisable to buy tickets for the tournament in advance, as they are sold all over the Internet in just a few hours. Tickets vary not only for prices, but also for the level of games. So, for example, you can buy tickets for the season weight, but you can only for the final games.
During the tournament, you can watch tennis for free, because in the square in front of the Paris City Hall they set up a fan zone where they eat a big screen, mini-tennis, as well as tennis lessons for children. Spectators arrange themselves wherever they can, so it is better to take a seat in advance, as well as stock up on water, food, sunscreen and an umbrella, or a hat. Also among the entertainment is the Lafayette Gallery, one of the sponsors of the tournament.