The Davis Cup is a major international tennis tournament in which only men compete. Since 1900, every year this competition has been held with the support of the International Tennis Federation. The tournament is held for elimination between men's teams, and the current winner of the Cup is the Spaniards. By the way, there is a similar women's tournament - the Federation Cup.
In 1899, four Harvard students came up with a tennis tournament where the participants would be national teams from different countries. One of these students developed a tournament scheme, and it was Dwight Dwies, who at his own expense bought a prize for the winner - a silver cup.

The tournament was first held in Brooklyn in 1900, the rivals were the teams of Great Britain and the USA. Davis himself played tennis for the Americans, who won by winning the first three matches. There was no tournament in 1901, and the next year the Americans won again. In 1905, among the participants were Belgians, Austrians, French and the national team of Australia and New Zealand.
A silver salad bowl and two wooden bases are the main components of the Davis Cup, whose total weight is almost 70 kg. The tournament got its modern name in 1945, after the death of Dwight Davis.
Matches of all teams are held in four stages: three single games and one team, which take place in three days. All matches consist of five sets, and in the decisive set they play without time-breaks. This manner of holding the tournament, according to the creators, should contribute to the spectacle of what is happening and to maintain intrigue until the last game.
Sixteen teams from the World Group directly compete for the main prize. The tournament’s first prize pool was created in 1981 thanks to NEC, which became the title sponsor of the Davis Cup. In 2002, BNP Paribas became the new title sponsor, and today the fee for the winner is 8.5 million US dollars.
In 1962, Russia first participated in the Davis tour, and then on the court one of the strongest representatives of national sports shone - tennis player Alexander Metreveli. The Russians won the tournament only two times: in 2002, defeating the French team in Paris and in 2006 defeating the Argentines in Moscow.