Alexander Iraklievich Metreveli is a Soviet tennis star, a master of sports of the USSR. He was born on November 2, 1944 in the city of Tbilisi, into the families of Irakli Petrovich and Anna Tikhonovna. The wife of Alexandra was Vardosanidze Natella Grigoryevna, who gave birth to Alexander two sons: Heraclius and Alexandra.
Metreveli has been playing tennis since he was ten years old, then A. Khangulyan became his mentor. Under the guidance of his coach, Alexander played for the local DSO Dynamo, and the best result for those years was the championship in the USSR in singles among young men in 1961.

Alexander, rapidly developing, in 1962, took pride of place in the top ten tennis players of the USSR and for eighteen years did not leave the Top 10, and even four times headed the Soviet rating. Metreveli was only 18 years old when he joined the USSR national team and from that moment on, he defended the honor of the team in the Davis Cup for fourteen years and was never, during this time, on the lava of spares.
Alexander for his entire sports career has collected a unique collection of awards: here he won the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR, 10-time winner of the All-Union Winter Competitions, 29-time champion of the USSR. In terms of the number of games on the Davis Cup courts, Alexander is a real champion, because 105 matches are, in truth, a fantastic result. Only three tennis players played Alexander: Italian Nikollo Petrangeli, Spanish tennis player Manuel Santana and Romanian legend Ilie Nastase.
The highest achievement of Alexander was access to the final part of Wimbledon. It was in 1973, then in the semifinal Metreveli defeated the main favorite of the tournament American D. Connors. But in the final game he lost to the well-known Jan Codes from Czechoslovakia. And yet, Alexander Metreveli boasts a solid list of victories in the international arena, namely: 16-time European champion, 3-time finalist of Wimbledon, as well as an Asian champion. Alexander was a semi-finalist of the open championships of Italy, France, the USA and Australia; he won the open championships of Sweden and Scandinavia, the ARE championship, the open championship of Cairo, as well as Kent, became the finalist of the John Player tournament, as well as many other competitions.
Now Alexander Iraklievich lives and works as a sports commentator in Moscow. By the way, he was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Australia, and also awarded orders and medals.