Journalists have long wondered why Yevgeny Kafelnikov and his wife, Maria Tishkova, split up. This divorce could be nominated for the “Event of the Year” nomination if such a prize were held among athletes. It would seem that a month ago they were together at the birthday of the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, and all of a sudden. But what to do.
Maria was from a problem family, her parents are deaf and dumb. This did not stop them from raising a beautiful daughter who is as smart as she is beautiful.

But, just like ordinary people - star couples have ordinary everyday quarrels. And here two strong characters have already met. Unfortunately, they could not stand such a pressure, and over time, their marriage began to crack at the seams. Masha tried to get away from problems, having left to live further from her husband, in Switzerland, but this did not lead to anything, and it was there that she received a notice of divorce.
The story of their meeting is an unremarkable event. A young, handsome guy meets a beautiful girl in a disco, and after that, they begin an affair. Let us throw aside all that evil rumor that surrounded this event. Envious people abound. Coach and parents Eugene took the marriage negatively, because Masha was already with a child, and clearly did not fit in with their star boy. Eugene, in his life, saw nothing but sport, and by the age of 23 he had an extremely poor experience in dealing with women. The coach was afraid that a similar affair could affect tennis.
Masha is accused of not knowing etiquette, dressing incorrectly and communicating incorrectly. But she is an ordinary girl who was not prepared since childhood to become the wife of a world star. Of course, incidents arose because a couple of newlyweds traveled around the world, they were invited by rich and famous people, businessmen, politicians. Here, any person would be confused.
Unfortunately, over time, what the coach was so afraid of happened. Evgeni Kafelnikov, in the heat of a quarrel with his wife, punched the wall and broke his finger. It would not be a problem if it had not happened on the night before the opening of the Australian Tennis Championship. That incident was the first bell, and three years later this wonderful couple broke up.