Anastasia Andreevna Myskina is an Honored Master of Sports, a well-known Russian tennis player. Nastya was born on July 8, 1981 in the capital of the Russian SSR. Professional tennis began in the life of Anastasia in 1998, and in a year she got into the top 500 tennis players. After another year, she entered the Top 100, and in 2002 she was in the top twenty, and in 2003 she was in the Top 10 best tennis players.
2004 was the peak of Anastasia's fame, because she became the first Russian tennis player to win the Grand Slam series tournament. She beat Elena Dementieva in the “purely Russian” final at the French Championship, and a couple of months later she again beat her at the Kremlin Cup.

Having become the third racket of the world, Nastya was for a long time better among the Russian tennis players of that time. She was officially recognized, for the ITF version, as the world champion in 2004 and until today remains the only one among adult Russian tennis players who have been awarded this title. In 2005, Anastasia's mother fell ill with cancer, so the tennis player missed many games and fell out of the top ten.
In 2007, she played only two matches and both, unfortunately, lost. After this fiasco, Anastasia decided to end her tennis career. Throughout the year, Myskina worked as a TV presenter of the Our Football program on NTV. She also participated in the television show "Ice Age", where, speaking with Andrei Khvalko, she did not stay long.
Over the course of her career, Anastasia has won 15 WTA tournaments, including ten singles and five doubles, and twice won the Federation Cup as part of the Russian team. Myskina is also the semifinalist of the Australian Open (doubles) and Roland Garros (mixed doubles) in 2005. The tennis player was awarded the Order of Friendship in 2009, a member of the Tennis Hall of Fame, starting in 2011, and also in 2005 became the winner of the Olympia National Prize from the Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship.
On April 29, 2008, she gave birth to her first son, and on August 30, 2010 Anastasia gave birth to her second son, but two years later, in March 2012, the third son Pavel was born in the family. In 2009, Myskina worked on the Domashny television channel as the host of the Tell Me What Is Not Alright program. Currently, she works as a commentator on the NTV Plus Tennis channel.