Motorsport is considered a rather dangerous and extreme kind of all existing sports. Many athletes involved in this sport dream of participating in cross-country competitions, but unfortunately, not everyone succeeds.

In order to start participating in these competitions, you need to have pretty good riding skills. In addition, you must have excellent health and quality physical fitness. Like all athletes, participants in motocross go through a certain commission, which approves them to participate in competitions. If you are going to become a spectator or a cross-country participant and you are interested weather in Slavyanka Primorsky Krai I am always happy to help you and answer this rather exciting question.

Motocross are divided into several stages, which are divided into different age categories. As a rule, in the first races, the youngest riders usually participate, and mature and fairly experienced athletes close the competition. Thanks to participation in competitions of this category, athletes improve their qualifications.