The culprit of last year’s furor in the fight for the Gagarin Cup Yaroslavl “Locomotive” this season did not start very well. Everything changed after the match with the capital Dynamo. Blue and white started the season very successfully. But in a match with railway workers the gate guard Alexander Eremenko trembled. As a result, the coach was forced to replace the goalkeeper.

An important side of this fight was the official return to the team of Canadian coach Dave King, with whose name the spring success in the playoffs is associated. King managed to charge the team to victory, and he almost never screams, does not threaten and does not insult. He knows how to find the most secret words for every hockey player and acts as a very subtle psychologist. It remains only buy a coffee tablesitting at which he would resemble a professor talking to colleagues.

The unsuccessful start did not discourage the team. Aligning the position, the railroad went to a permanent siege of the opponent’s goal. Now, few doubt that Lokomotiv will become one of the main contenders for the league title.