A couple of years ago, Eugene Kafelnikov was considered the best tennis player in the world. He is a real celebrity. His achievements include a double Grand Slam win and a gold medal at the Sydney Olympics.
But, despite all his achievements, without any official announcements, Kafelnikov simply disappeared from tennis, and quite mysteriously. Of course, such behavior can be called characteristic of a person who has always been distinguished by its unpredictability. Larry Stefansky, who was Kafelnikov’s direct trainer, always called him “Russian stubborn,” which, to put it this way, is still very softly said.

But where is Evgeny Kafelnikov now? What does he spend his time on? Some people saw him in Maidstone. He came there to participate in a poker tournament. The prize pool of the Open Pacific Tournament is 500 thousand dollars, and a person who just gets to the finals already gets 10 thousand dollars.
Those. we can say that Kafelnikov traded tennis for poker. Poker is his new hobby, and this can not be called minute interest. Kafelnikov specifically takes lessons from Kirill Gerasimov, who is a professional poker player, and has his own nomination, “Rookie of the Year 2012”. Therefore, you can easily say that poker, for Eugene, is not just a pleasure.
Thanks to the good manner of teaching Gerasimov, Kafelnikov was able to achieve some success. So, at one of the tournaments, Eugene managed to beat one of the best poker players Dave Kolklof.
Many believe that if Eugene was a little trickier and more sophisticated, he could have achieved even greater success in poker. But by virtue of his character, he, as in tennis, behaves more aggressively.
As for Kafelnikov’s departure from sports, he himself cannot give a clear answer. He either declares that he hasn’t officially left anywhere, then after a while he says that it makes no sense to return.
So we will wait and believe that the master of sports in tennis Evgeny Kafelnikov will still please us with his victories.