Evgeny Kafelnikov has always been a problem for journalists. He simply did not fit into the framework of the idea of ​​how the star should behave. There were no lengthy interviews with a radiant smile in full mouth, no window dressing. He did not appear with his mistresses, and if there was a woman next to him, then this was his wife. Yes, and the money he earned did not give rest to numerous paparazzi, they were tormented by the question of where he was spending it.
In this regard, a huge number of articles appeared in the press, sometimes venomous and even offensive.

One of them, written in an ironic manner, caught my eye the other day. She was released in Spark magazine in 1999. It was still the mildest and most tactful opus dedicated to Eugene.
The journalist began with the fact that he did not manage to find a tennis player for an interview. As a result, after the end of the competition in Sochi, they agreed to meet at a banquet. But Eugene simply left for the airport right away, from the locker room. The pen worker had no choice but to describe the life and customs of our star, who came to her homeland.
Evgeny Kafelnikov, unlike the whole team, did not live in a sanatorium, but in his parents' house. By the way, to say that it was recently built, but had a very modest appearance, and certainly did not resemble the mansions of the new Russians neighboring it. Our hero rested on a private beach, with his family and loved ones, having fun riding his own jet ski, which did not add to his popularity. The journalist observed and ironized on the topic of Eugene’s failures in the field of water skiing.
Paparazzi noted the fact that when he arrived at the tennis court for training, the tennis player pulled out a large bucket of tennis balls. After a long game - he collected all the balls to one, counting them. According to him, he could be as rich and successful as Evgeny Kafelnikov if he did not leave one or two balls each time on the court. It seems that he is still far from Eugene, and in order to earn that kind of money you need to at least work the same way, or have some kind of talent. And just talk, lying on a sunbed, or sitting on the podium - everyone can.