Evgeny Kafelnikov, one of the best tennis players. Eugene earned the title of master of sports in tennis, which he did not get so easily. In 1974, the future of Russia was born.
You can talk a lot about Eugene’s achievements, a lot has been said about his childhood, family, etc. We decided to touch on the topic of his current hobby.

As you know, in 2003, without official confirmation, he left the big sport. A new hobby for Eugene was poker, to which he almost devoted about five years of his life. In poker, he made no small strides. Yes, in general, with such perseverance and industry as Kafelnikov, you can achieve good results in anything.
So, Eugene began his career as a poker player, of course, he received many victories, and even won a couple of times against the “ace” of this case - Dave Kolkoff.
According to some reports, now Eugene is not interested in poker, and considers this a waste of time.
Another of his hobbies was golf. He began to play golf at the same time as tennis. Holding a club and a racket in his hands was not difficult for him. In golf, Eugene achieved a very high title, he received the title of champion of Russia, which he certainly did not expect. In his abilities, he never doubted, but this victory made him just believe that he can achieve heights in any sports. Yes, and having received this title, he simply satisfied his ambitions, proving to himself that he knows how to play, and pretty much not bad.
Perhaps at the Olympics, which will be held in 2016, Eugene will take part. In any case, he still has 4 years ahead to make a final decision. But many of his fans expect that in this Olympics, as in any other, Kafelnikov will win.
Evgeny has no final predictions about his passion for golf, but he himself understands that he still has a lot to learn and there is room for improvement. So it is possible, in the future, we will see Kafelnikov the winner in some other sport.
We wish him good luck, and new victories and achievements!