In 2005, it was time to send Olesya, the daughter of Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Maria Tishkova, to school. It was up to this point that she was brought up in her father's house, by a court decision in 2001. What was the fate of the family - at that time it was still not clear.
Eugene Kafelnikov was never able to devote worthy attention to his daughter. Tennis took away from him most of the time. Accordingly, the girl grew up in the house of his parents, in Sochi.

Of course, the athlete spent all his free time with her, but he was very few. In 2004, he began to gradually leave the sport, but still the number of duties did not decrease.
How will further events develop, with whom will the daughter remain, with the father or mother? Father began to switch his attention from tennis to poker, in which he achieved considerable results. He is also actively involved in promoting golf in Russia. Naturally, all this takes away from him a sea of ​​time.
The family in the collection could be seen on September 1, at a school where parents sent their daughter to study. The decision on the choice was made jointly, and Olesya went to study at an elite Moscow educational institution, where children of businessmen, politicians and stars study. They are given high-quality education, and graduates speak several foreign languages. Photographers suggested taking a family photo, to which Eugene answered positively, after a little thought. Maria categorically refused. All this time she did not leave her daughter, holding her hand tightly.
Lawyer the athlete admits that he managed to win the process only by a miracle. Most likely, Masha’s belonging to the sect, and her father’s big fortune played a role here. But today it also consists in its religious community. It is noteworthy that no one has her contacts, and attempts to find her through members of the same religious movement have failed. It is only known that she worked for some time on the M1 channel, but after a change of ownership her career there ended. Where she is at the moment, and on what means she lives, is not clear, but according to the same lawyer, the former spouses still have feelings.