Eugene Kafelnikov was known throughout the country not only as a man who glorified Russian tennis all over the world. Still, everyone noted behind him a great attachment to his wife and children. And suddenly in 2001, their marriage ceases to exist.
Everything has actually come to this for a long time. Conflicts often occurred in the family, but they did not become public. The couple continued to appear together at social events and receptions, smiling and posing in front of the cameras, but no one knew what was really happening.

Some time before the divorce, Maria offered to buy her house, because she could no longer live in hotels or with her parents. The property was purchased in Switzerland, it was a large mansion, which was furnished at the very last word. After some time, the wife and children moved there. Masha decided that their marriage would save a little rest from each other. But this did not save the situation, and it was in Switzerland that she was notified of what had begun divorce proceedings.
Nobody knows the exact reason, most likely there were several. Firstly, Evgeni Kafelnikov could not spend enough time with his family. His main hobby in life, tennis - demanded great attention. Secondly, Mary recently joined the Canadian sect of the "Church of Christ", which included her former partner Christian Ray. The interests of the spouses diverged in diametrically opposite directions. And evil tongues constantly added oil to the fire, spreading rumors about the constant betrayal of her husband.
The divorce itself ended easily and simply, even without the participation of his wife. But a lawsuit followed him, in which Eugene planned to sue his daughter. Moreover, it was carried out in Russia. Usually in our country it is almost impossible to win such a thing, because the child almost always stays with the mother. But not at this time. Daughter Olesya until school age passed to her father, and could meet with her mother only with his consent. Rumor has it that Mary received a considerable amount for such consent. It is unfortunate that such a beautiful, young couple broke up, but they had their own reasons for this.