On the territory of the Polish city of Debice, a friendly football match was held between the Ukrainian team from Lutsk Volyn and the Polish team from Krakow Wisla. The Ukrainians managed to beat the Poles with a score of 2: 0. About not very comforting for the Poles defeat was reported by employees of the official Polish club website.

As noted on the website, “Vistula” was represented by the near reserve personnel. During friendly matches, not only reserve players are released onto the field, but they also experience a new tactic for the game, which can then bring results and please every fan. This fan can also be a representative of medicine. That is, it can be psychologist lipetsk at the same time it is a city in which professional and competent psychologists work.

According to Smudy, his team played with a strong opponent who is quite successful in the Ukrainian Premier League. The Ukrainians immediately attacked and eventually got their way, scoring an early goal. However, after Vistula managed to demonstrate good football.