Evgeny Kafelnikov first went down in history as a tennis player. A huge number of victories won by him in numerous sports and championships around the world made up the magnificent reputation of Russia, and made her respect strong tennis. Despite the fact that this sport has recently been in decline - there are several young and growing talents who will still play their part.
What made a global star cover its racket? First of all, according to him, this is the state of affairs in the international sports arena. If earlier the first hundred tennis players from the rating had approximately the same level of play, at the moment their number has increased to two hundred.

That is, losing a leader to a little-known player has become commonplace. And according to Eugene - he does not want to occupy the thirtieth - fortieth positions. Secondly, biological age. Unfortunately, tennis is the business of young and strong guys. Of course, our hero does not complain about well-being, but as before, he will no longer be able to fly from city to city and constantly bring only victory.
What does Evgeni Kafelnikov do, having abandoned tennis, which for most of his life was the meaning of his existence? On this his sports career did not end. He cannot stop and stop overcoming obstacles. Poker, which he became interested in recently has already begun to bring him substantial income. Having won several major tournaments, he not only replenished his savings, but also gained experience for further victories.
Golf, which Zhenya has been fond of since 1994, also makes itself felt. At the moment, the former tennis player is the champion of Russia in this sport, and participates in a large number of programs aimed at increasing the popularity of golf in our country. Tennis contributed to the enthusiasm of Eugene, because during various competitions he was able to visit the largest and most popular world fields, where he had fun with a club and a ball. Thanks to this experience, he knows what requirements exist for quality fields and equipment.
Eugene’s whole life is a desire for victory. It does not matter which sport, but he will achieve excellent results in all his endeavors.