Repeated champion, winner of the Olympics, the first racket of the world - all these titles belong to Evgeny Kafelnikov. But how did sporting achievements affect his personal life? As it turned out - not in the best way. The athlete who glorified Russia all over the world simply did not have time for personal questions.
In 1997, at a disco, he met a beautiful girl Masha. They began a relationship, and a girl in Rodi, a constant girl friend, accompanied him in all competitions, around the globe.

It soon became clear that she pregnant, and Eugene, as a properly educated guy led her to the registry office. After that, they had a beautiful daughter, Olesya, who filled the life of her father with meaning. But, unfortunately, tennis took all his free time. Maria had a difficult character, and her husband also did not differ in complaisance. Many blame exactly her for the collapse of their union, but let's look at it from the other side. A very well-to-do girl, not burdened with household chores, and not accepted at various social events without a husband, sat all day at home. Occasionally, she and her children would go out to some kind of championship, and that was just to follow Evgeny’s success from the hotel room.
She found solace in the Canadian sect, which actively worked to attract stars and their families from Russia to its ranks. Her former partner, Christian Ray, was also there. Masha made large donations from the family budget, which her husband really did not like. Most likely, it was her membership in this organization that served as the main reason for the divorce. But her lover was almost never there.
After their divorce, Evgeni Kafelnikov seized the right to raise their daughter, Olesya. And again tennis played a cruel joke. The girl grew up with his parents, and saw her father only occasionally. But this did not stop him from adoring her with all the fibers of his soul.
Is Mary worth blaming for the collapse of their marriage? Or is sport still to blame for having robbed a father of a young family? The thing is already the past, and conclusions can be drawn independently.