At that time, when Yevgeny Kafelnikov obtained a huge number of trophies for his country, there was a very difficult situation in Russia, due to the fact that such merits were not evaluated and marked by the state in any way. The man who made respect for Russian rackets on all tennis courts in the world was simply ignored by the governing bodies.
On this occasion, surprised and angry articles appeared in the press. At a time when, despite a series of defeats, Eugene became the first racket of the world in the largest print media there were reviews devoted to ignoring sports achievements. At that time, there were no pretenders to the role of national heroes in the country, but the problem was that tennis was never considered a folk game. Is it hockey, football, etc.

But the matter took a slightly different turn. First of all, after those in power noticed tennis in general - they established the Kremlin Cup. It was he who contributed to the growth of the popularity of this sport in Russia. The new Russians, who became an indispensable attribute of that era, along with raspberry-colored jackets and six hundredths, had tennis rackets in their arsenal. Of course, such associations did not cause much enthusiasm among the public. Over time, the situation has changed for the better, only Evgeny Kafelnikov is no longer playing tennis.
How many unjustified claims and reproaches were expressed in his direction. The phrase was very interesting that, despite the fact that he takes first place among the players, he is far from Agassi and Becker in his attractiveness and charisma. Strange conclusions made by the press. And this despite the fact that the press itself did not want to promote a new idol, because I did not know the attitude of the state towards him. Even Eugene was accused of playing only for money, and not for the country. How journalists managed to find out is incomprehensible.
It is unfortunate that so much negativity poured out on a person who, thanks to his skill, was able to destroy the idea of ​​Russia that had developed in the fervor and added tennis to the list of nested dolls, samovar, bear, vodka.