Andrey Olegovich Medvedev is a well-known Ukrainian tennis player, master of sports of Ukraine in tennis, and most importantly 11-time champion of the Asia-Pacific tournaments. The younger brother of not unknown Soviet and Ukrainian tennis player Natalya Medvedeva. Since 2006, Honorary Member of the Presidium of the Tennis Federation of Ukraine.
Andrei's mother, Svetlana, was a tennis coach, which is why Andrei began to play tennis with 10 years. The first trainers of Medvedev was his stepfather, Yuri Cherepov. The first professional tournament for Andrei, at his sixteen years of age, was the Kremlin Cup.

And at the end of the same year, he won the Orange Bowl junior tournament. In 1991, Medvedev wins the French Junior Open. In September, on his way to the APR semi-finals, he beat Mark Rosset (the thirtieth racket of the world and the Olympic champion). This sensation allowed him to make a jump in the ranking immediately at two hundred places.
1992 was the start of Medvedev’s stellar career, for this year he won the first for himself APR tournament in Genoa, made his debut at the French Open among adults and lost there only to world champion Jim Courier. Also in 1992, Andrey won the Championship Series tournament (Germany, Stuttgart), where he beat Stefan Edberg - the second racket of the world at that time. In 1993, a Ukrainian tennis player wins three ATP tournaments, reaches the semi-finals in France, and the quarter-finals in the United States. This year, Andrei also made it to the APR World Championship, where he defeated Courier and Chang, but lost the first racket to Pete Sampras. Andrei also performed in doubles with Evgeny Kafelnikov in Barcelona, ​​as well as Goran Ivanishevich in Rome.
In 1994, Medvedev won two tournaments from the Masters series, this year he climbed to fourth place in the ranking - this was Andrei's highest position in his entire career. A year later, Andrey and Setra played for Ukraine at the Hopman Cup, where they lost in the final to the German couple. In 1996 and 1997, Medvedev won his last two APR tournaments in Hamburg, and since 1998 he has knocked out of the 50 strongest tennis players in the world. The last tournament for Andrew was St. Petersburg Open, which was held in 2001.
In 2002, he was the Goodwill Ambassador of Ukraine to the UN, and in 2004 became president of the FTU. He also created the Ukrainian Tennis Union in 2009.