Eugene owed his appearance in tennis to his father, who was a volleyball player and from the age of 6 taught his son to play. Kafelnikov grew up in Sochi, where he played on Soviet courts in his spare time. This was a good hardening for Eugene, because he learned to play both on grass and on the ground.
Kafelnikov won his first tournament in 1992 in Adelaide, after which he moved from 314th place to 104th in the ATP ranking. Two years later, in his 20 years, Eugene won four tournaments in the team category and three in singles. Then, through the efforts of Kafelnikov, the Russian team got into the final of the Davis Cup, and the tennis player himself became the 11th racket of the world.

A year later, in 1995, Eugene is in the Top 10 tennis players in both doubles and singles. In 1996, he won the Roland Garros (by the way, the first of the Russians) not only in singles, but in doubles with Czech tennis player Daniel Vacek. Among the many awards of Eugene is a gold medal from the Sydney Olympics, for eight years he stayed at least 11th in the world ranking, won the Kremlin Cup for five consecutive years, and in 2002 won the Davis Cup that he had been dreaming of for so long.
Evgeny Kafelnikov was the first Russian tennis player to win ATR tournaments on various surfaces: on carpet, grass and hard. He was the first of the compatriots to lead the APR rating, and also the first of the Russians to win the Australian Open - which once again proved his uniqueness. After winning in Australia, he was awarded the honor of personal congratulations from President Boris Yeltsin, because over the 114-year history of Russian tennis, Eugene was the first to take first place in the world ranking.
Foreign publications described Kafelnikov as follows: the player moves around the court at high speed, a good game from the summer, a strong reception, both from the right and from the left hand. Eugene was praised in the ability to predict the actions of the enemy and read the game, so Kafelnikov’s game was simply mesmerizing.
After leaving tennis, Evgeni Kafelnikov tried his hand at poker with some success, and in 2008 he joined the tour of tennis veterans.