The path of a tennis player is always difficult. If Yevgeny Kafelnikov weren’t so modest, he could have applied for a lifelong monument as a great master of sports in tennis in Russia. For example, Sergey Bubka has such a monument.
Special vanity, this is not about Eugene. From the very beginning, when a six-year-old boy began to play tennis, he did not feel like a real tennis player, but even then it was clear that he had a great and bright future. Moreover, each of their coaches, who was with Kafelnikov, taught him something of his own, and it was thanks to his mentors that he was able to achieve such high successes.

At 11, Kafelnikov was first invited to Moscow. At that time, tennis was just starting to develop and its success was growing very rapidly. Eugene, was very capable, but his desire to learn new things and to win, was not noticed at all from the beginning. The coaches simply did not notice him, and, of course, gave their privileges to the already proven young athletes.
For three years, Kafelnikov was the second person in sports. Therefore, when in his fourteen years he won first place in the European Championships, everyone was just very surprised. After which, naturally, he saw the future champion of all countries and peoples.
After some time, he began to win more and more cups and awards.
It should be noted that often, having great achievements in adolescence and childhood, people further, for some reason, do not develop, and often leave the big sport. But this is not about Eugene, in spite of everything, he continues to work out the technique.
Already, being a twenty-year-old guy, Kafelnikov became so pro in his field that victories simply go to meet him. So, he receives great fame and unprecedented success.
The young tennis player wins one cup after another, and thus becomes a master of sports in tennis in Russia.
In a word, we can say that tennis brought Kafelnikov many victories and achievements. As for his current life, he enjoys golf and poker, where he also receives many victories.
But the return of Kafelnikov to tennis can only be guessed.