On February 18, 1974, Honored Master of Sports Zhenya Kafelnikov was born.
Of course, at that time, he still did not suspect that in the future he would expect success and many victories.
As you know, the love of tennis was able to instill in him the father of Eugene, who was a volleyball player, so when Zhenya chose tennis, no one was surprised. After Kafelnikov got some skills, he began training directly with the trainer V.V. Shishkin, with whom, quite a lot, for 12 whole years they were shoulder to shoulder.

It was under the leadership of Shishkin that Eugene was able to form as a player.
Yevgeny Kafelnikov received his first merit at the age of 14 and 16, in doubles. In the 90s already became the owner of the World Cup.
Soon after Eugene’s trip to the USA, he had to part with his coach.
Anatoly Lepeshin - the new coach Kafelnikov did not think that his ward has any superpowers, and believed that he was no different from other athletes. But after some time, the differences between Lepeshin and Kafelnikov were resolved, and they worked well.
As it turned out later, Lepeshin was not a bad coach, and often helped Eugene, which, of course, affected his victories. And perhaps, had Lepeshin not been around, Kafelnikov would probably not have achieved such stunning results. Moreover, the success of Eugene was really very impressive: a victory in the Grand Slam tournament and all this at once in two categories.
But after a while, I had to say goodbye to this coach. Now Kafelnikova was coached by Lari Stefanki, under his leadership, Wife was lucky to become the first racket of the world. The duet of Zhenya and Lar was simply amazing, but most likely, something went wrong again, and they broke up.
Despite all the hardships and parting with people close to him, Zhenya did not lose interest in life, and was able to win more than one victory.
According to general estimates, he has 26 wins in singles, and 27 in doubles.
In principle, we can say that all his dreams came true, but there was still one, to get the Davis Cup.