Such a remarkable person as Eugene Kafelnikov is known even to people who are very far from sports in general. His name in the late 90s and early 2000s was booming throughout the world, his career is the story of a purposeful person who went only to victory, and nothing else. To date, he has already left tennis, and quite successfully realized himself as a poker player and a professional golfer. Indeed, at one of the last championships - he took first place in Russia.
It is very interesting that his departure from big sport was imperceptible, and he was not preceded by any loud statements. He simply stopped participating in tournaments, which greatly surprised the fans.

According to him, he gave way to younger and more talented players, for whom a great future is visible. And although at the moment tennis in Russia is experiencing a severe crisis - there is hope for a fast, rapid rise, because growing up a lot of talent.
In 1996, rumors appeared that Yevgeny Kafelnikov seriously intended to cover the racket and devote himself entirely to his family. Many scholars and critics considered his defeat in Hanover the first sign of imminent departure. It was said that this was caused by the emotional state of the athlete whose wife had recently given birth to his daughter. Eugene denied these rumors, saying that failure and loss happen in the life of any person, and he intends to remain in the big arena for about five more years.
Already in those years, he was very fond of golf, and dreamed that if his wife gave birth to a son, he would certainly instill a love for this sport from an early age. Golf has no age restrictions, and even at 50 you can perform no worse than 20-year-olds. Moreover, the risk of injuries is practically absent.
15 years after these events, tennis has already begun to forget its star. Eugene does not plan to return to his native field, and is engaged in various sports and commercial activities. Under his leadership, many projects have been launched that are aimed at promoting and developing golf in Russia. Daughters have grown up, but they are not involved in any of the sports, and his father believes that this is their choice, and does not try to impose his opinion.