To achieve some heights and victories in tennis, you need a lot of desire and perseverance. We devote our article to the famous master of sports in tennis Evgeny Kafelnikov.
Eugene from childhood was the most ordinary boy who loved to frolic with other boys on the streets of Sochi. He first took the racket as a five-year-old boy, and then he did not even realize that he would soon become a champion, and that thanks to the racket he would achieve unprecedented heights in his life.
He had to play anywhere, on various courts. Thanks to the skills of the game in various conditions, it was very easy for him in the future.

In addition to his talent, Eugene in achieving his goals helped an unprecedented perseverance and performance. After all, he knew that he was working directly on the result.
In all the matches in which he took part, Eugene knew that he could defeat anyone. Thus, Kafelnikov received many victories.
At the moment, he left tennis. It’s too early to talk about his return, but maybe it’s not worth it, because the athlete himself still can not give any forecast. Although he says that the competition in tennis is now very big, and he is no longer able to do it.
But let's not get upset because of this, because Evgeni Kafelnikov managed to prove himself in another sport, in golf. He is the champion of Russia in golf, as the athlete himself admits, he did not expect that he would win. Of course, he never doubted his abilities, and knew that he would get a place of honor, but in order to direct the title of champion of Russia, Eugene certainly did not expect such a thing.
As we know, for Eugene himself, golf is not more than just a hobby. Of course, he is engaged in it all his free time, but is not yet ready to call him his main job, and it is not worth doing it. After all, his victory is another proof that he can still achieve something, and, of course, he can play.
In the future, perhaps Eugene will like another kind of sport, and he will also please us with his victories.