After a short streak of setbacks, Yevgeny Kafelnikov in 2000 did the almost impossible by winning the Sydney Olympics. A huge number of defeats and misses simply pursued the great sport of Russia at that time. Famous hockey players in St. Petersburg were defeated, although no one doubted their victory in the World Cup. The football team suffered a tragic fate. People who were obliged to simply bring gold from the Olympics almost did not show themselves. And only tennis pleased its fans and the whole country.

Evgeny Kafelnikov was determined only to win. Arriving in the Olympic village, and chatting with people who for four years trained with only one single goal, he was simply amazed. And this mood was transmitted to him, completely capturing his thoughts. According to him, he got that very wonderful feeling that pushes people to accomplish the impossible - pride in their homeland, and the need to prove its capabilities to the whole world.
The champion on arrival from Tashkent during the day of his stay in Sydney managed to conduct three training sessions. Every day I went to cheer for our athletes, worrying about their oversights and rejoicing in achievements. It is such an Olympic spirit that should reign in the right sports. The mood for victory, for the sake of their country, which will accept you as a hero.
And so it happened, he did what no one believed in. Unfortunately - for half a year he was haunted by disappointing defeats, he recently flew out with a bang from the Open Championship in the USA, and in his opinion - he had nothing to do in Sydney. But sorting out his uncertainty, he flew to the Olympics, where he was waiting for a victory. The press wrote that Yevgeny Kafelnikov just rose for a sport such as tennis. He only thanked the national team of his country, which infected him with the idea of ​​victory.
Thus, he went down in the history of tennis and his country, rightly becoming a national hero. After this victory, the title of Hero of Russia was prophesied to him, and by all accounts - he was fully deserved.